The Difference Between Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs and Actual Pregnancy

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Phantom pregnancy is a term used to describe when a female dog experiences all the symptoms of pregnancy, but does not actually give birth.

The most common causes of phantom pregnancy are hormone imbalances, uterine infection, and cysts. There are also some rare cases where it is caused by a tumor.

The difference between phantom pregnancy in female dogs and actual pregnancy in human females is that the former is temporary while the latter lasts for nine months.

Introduction: What is Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs?

What is Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs?

Phantom pregnancy is a condition where female dogs give birth to pups that never developed. It is caused by an immune response to the presence of sperm in the uterus. The female dog will continue to nurse her litter, but they will never grow beyond a few days old.

Phantom Pregnancy Symptoms in Female Dogs & Human Women

Phantom pregnancy symptoms in female dogs and human women are similar because they are both indicators of the female reproductive system.

In a study done on phantom pregnancy symptoms in female dogs, it was found that the most common symptoms were nesting, licking at their paws, and excessive panting. These symptoms were also similar to what is seen in human women during pregnancy.

The only difference between the two is that phantom pregnancy symptoms in female dogs tend to be more intense than what is seen in human women.

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Conclusion: Why Don’t We Treat Phantom Pregnancy Like a Real One?


In conclusion, we can see that phantom pregnancy is a real condition. It is a very common one and something that should be treated as such. This would help the individual in many ways and even improve their mental health.

This article talks about the symptoms of phantom pregnancy, causes and treatments. It also talks about medical treatment options and the lack of awareness in the medical community on this condition.

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